RSNA 2014 – Philips Healthcare Symposium

Make personalized breast care a reality

RSNA 2014 – Philips Healthcare Lunch n’ Learn
Date: Wednesday, December 3rd 2014
Time: 12:30-13:30
Venue: South Hall, Room 403A

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“Photon counting technology for mammography and tomosynthesis*”
Jonas Rehn, Senior Product Manager, Philips Healthcare, Mammography Solutions, Solna/SE

Mr. Rehn will explain how photon counting technology can provide excellent image quality at a very low dose in mammography and will share the latest clinical results about single-shot spectral mammography: how risk assessment can be refined with Spectral Breast Density Measurement. Photon counting and spectral technology are strong platforms for further advancements in mammography. Philips works closely with clinical partners to advance the art and science of mammography, and to explore the potential of spectral imaging.

“Spectral breast density measurement”
Sabee Molloi, Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chairman of Research, Department of Radiological Sciences, University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine/USA

Professor Molloi will present the validation and rationale for an objective breast density measurement. The lecture will also give an overview of the principles for spectral mammography and other available techniques for breast density measurement in patients. Finally Professor Molloi will outline the research that was recently started at the University of California, Irvine, to assess the accuracy of spectral breast density measurement compared to other techniques.

“Spectral lesion characterization – initial clinical results*”
Nataly Wieberneit, Senior Clinical Scientist, Philips Healthcare, Mammography Solutions, Hamburg/DE

Mrs. Wieberneit will present current research activities addressing the potential differentiation between cysts and solid lesions. The MicroDose SI is a platform for new clinical applications, making use of the ability to differentiate photons of different energy.

Lunch will be provided.

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Visit our Philips booth (North Hall B, #6742), or the Gamma Medica Inc. booth (South Hall A, # 1729) to learn more about MicroDose SI and to experience IntelliSpace Breast**, a multimodality workstation that allows access to patients’ mammography, ultrasound and MRI images with a single login.

Breaking news: New study showed that Philips MicroDose offers high diagnostic performance

In a recently published study in Radiology researchers from the University Hospital Muenster assessed the screening performance of Philips MicroDose DR photon-counting system versus statewide screening units that use different digital technologies. Simply fill in the short form to get the white paper ›


* Work in progress
** Multi-Modality options powered by IntelliSpace clinical Applications

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